The Man Behind the Logo

The Man Behind the Logo

Over one year ago, Kingdom Racing’s dear friend and advisory board member, Bill Edwards, passed away leaving behind a Godly legacy that will forever be remembered. Bill was a member of Second Baptist Church, Katy. There he met Kingdom Racing’s founder, George Del Canto. The two instantly connected over their passion for God’s Word as well as auto racing. When Kingdom Racing was established in 2006, Bill was one of its first members. Bill wholeheartedly believed in Kingdom Racing’s mission to “Deliver God’s Word through Motorsports.” Bill’s faith was manifested in all his actions, including the creation of the Kingdom Racing logo. Since Kingdom Racing’s founding, Bill was there every step of the way – from encouraging the team with scripture and sharing God’s Word, on and off the race track.

Bill was a man of many talents. Not only did he love racing, but he was also an avid fisherman and photographer. His love for the two inspired him to develop Bill Edwards Art, a company dedicated to creating and selling coastal art and casual apparel to sports enthusiasts.

Two years ago, at the Indy 500 - as a tribute to Bill, Bill's "Beafish" logo was placed on the Dreyer Reinbold - Kingdom Racing No.24 Robert Graham Special that competed in the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race on May 24, 2015. Learn more here. 

Help support Beafish Designs by purchasing a memento here today.

Kingdom Racing is a 501(c)(3) non-denominational Christian race team and ministry. 

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